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The flag of Alberta, Canada was adopted on 1 June 1968.
The flag has the proportions 2:1, with the provincial shield of arms in the centre. The shield's height is 7/11 that of the flag's height.

The provincial colours, adopted in 1984, are blue and gold (deep yellow); they are also referred to as ‘Alberta blue’ and ‘Alberta gold,’ appearing on the flag/shield in the sky/background and wheat background, respectively.

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie is not just a great place to work and live. It is also a great place to play. Whether it is golfing or fishing, there are many opportunities to find recreation and get away from it all. Come and visit Grande Prairie and discover a side of us too many miss out on.

Below are some recommended operators that can help you discover Grande Prairie.

Tourism Operators

Dark Waters Fishing & Outdoor Adventures
We have 27 years of fishing experience and are based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We offer scenic fishing trips to almost any destination in Alberta - lakes, rivers or streams!

Destinations we recommend include the Bow River, Crowsnest River (second to the Bow River), The Old Man River, the Kakwa River and the North Raven River. All of our trips are made more pleasureable by some of the most beautiful country and scenery Alberta has to offer. Some different types of trips include float tubing, wading and float fishing. Float tubing is a great way to enjoy areas such as high mountain lakes and other remote waters.


Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club
18 holes, grass greens, par 35-37-72, 6,913 yards , pro shop, club rentals, power carts, driving range. Full food and beverage facility. South on Resources Road (780) 532-0340.

The Dunes Golf and Winter Club
18 hole, grass greens, par 35-36-71, 6405 yards. pro shop, club rentals, driving range. Four km south of Grande Prairie on Resources Road. Open all year round (780) 538-4333.

Bear Creek Golf & Country Club
18 holes, grass greens, par 36-36-72, 6,710 yards Two km west of Grande Prairie on 132nd Avenue (780) 538-3393.

Wee Links Pitch & Putt
9 holes Par 3, Grass Greens. pro shop, club rentals, driving range. Also Campground. South Bear Creek Park 100 Street & 68 Avenue (780) 538-4501.

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